About Us

D3 Lighting Inc. may be new, but we come with over 30 years of combined landscape lighting experience.  It is our belief that our own experiences allow us to better-support and service landscape lighting contractors across Canada.  To say that we have been there and done that is an understatement! Our unique ability to troubleshoot, design, layout and generally ‘speak the lingo’ make us a perfect partner for your landscape lighting efforts.  You’ll hear the statement ‘what we do is in our name’ a lot.  But it’s  our mantra. Develop. Design. Distribute.  Develop long-term relationships for your success in landscape lighting.  Design amazing lighting systems to create a ‘wow’ result.  And distribute best-in-class landscape lighting materials from companies like Dauer Manufacturing. 

Design Services

We have been offering our design services for several years now.  We understand that not every contractor wishes to use the same products as the ones we offer (as well as what we have had experience installing).  That’s okay.  We want to help you design a system using the products you love!  It may be a case that your time is restricted and designs are an easy choice to outsource.  It may be that you just don’t know where to start.  Or maybe you are new to landscape lighting and need a guide.  We can provide fixture types and locations, lamps selections and wiring plans to give you the roadmap to installing a quality landscape lighting system.  Contact us today for pricing details on our design services.

Support Services

As new or experienced contractors, issues can arise.  We are happy to help you troubleshoot and solve problems.  We’ve seen a few challenges in our time! We are also firm in our belief that offering this kind of complimentary service helps the landscape lighting industry as a whole.  And – just as important – it gets you moving ahead with your project.  Contact us if we can help you out.